LEGO Minecraft - The Iron Golem (21123)
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LEGO Minecraft - The Iron Golem (21123)

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The sun is heading for the horizon and hostile mobs will soon be roaming the Minecraft landscape. You’ll need to protect yourself and your baby pig! Mine the iron ore with your diamond pickaxe, smelt iron ingots in the furnace and craft iron blocks using the crafting table. Then use the pumpkin head to create the iron golem, and spring a surprise attack on the zombie!
  • The set features Alex in a half built house with a torch on top fighting a Zombie with a diamond pickaxe. There is a river, a Pig, and an Iron Golem flinging the Zombie from behind.
Pieces : 208
Figures : 4
Model Number : 21123
UPC : 673419246798
Age : 8+