Mega Bloks - Call of Duty - UH-60 Blackhawk - Ghosts Tactical Helicopter (06858)
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Mega Bloks - Call of Duty - UH-60 Blackhawk - Ghosts Tactical Helicopter (06858)

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The UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter is used by the US Army’s Ghosts task force for tactical operations.

Designed to fly troops directly into combat, this iconic Ghosts Tactical Helicopter features an authentic design that includes a rotating propeller, detailed interior and cockpit, and a care package of tools and accessories to get the job done right. But this chopper’s biggest weapon is the elite group of Ghosts it’s carrying into battle! This team of four highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures includes a helicopter pilot, as well as the highly collectible Hesh, Elias and canine Riley characters. Gear them up before the drop, using the interchangeable weapons and armor systems. Then, send your soldiers repelling down the rope and into the fight with guns blazing!

Build Your Ghosts Tactical Helicopter and Strike from Above Use the highly detailed pieces to build a tactical helicopter and drop troops into the thick of battle. This Black Hawk chopper features a fully rotating stowaway propeller, wheels and landing system with real rubber tires, and hinged tail gear. Featuring authentic touches like the Ghosts detailing on the body, as well as pilot instruments, the canopy of the helicopter opens to reveal an interior compartment with cockpit and seats in the front and rear. Use the enclosed instructions to build your Ghosts Tactical Helicopter or channel you inner engineer and use over 950 pieces to build one of the US Military’s most iconic aircraft. Prepare Your Troops for the Drop and Repel into Combat Catch the enemy off guard as you fly onto the battlefield and repel into combat with your team of four highly skilled special operations soldiers. Sit the pilot in the chopper’s cockpit while you gear Hesh and Elias to drop into the action. Ready Riley with the special canine combat gear and use the included interchangeable armor, weapons and accessories to tool up the rest of these highly detailed, super-poseable micro action figures.

Outfit your STALKER task force with gear like a Ghosts headpiece, pilot’s helmet, battle armor and field equipment, and ready your soldiers for heavy fire the second they hit the ground. Highly Detailed Features for Call Of Duty Fans of All Ages The Ghosts Tactical Helicopter has highly detailed features that offer an authentic and immersive play and display experience for Call of Duty fans of all ages. Equipped with extra fuel tanks for extra long runs, launch an areal attack using the Black Hawk chopper’s battery of missiles. Man the controls from the cockpit, where the pilot micro action figure can monitor the instruments and grip the control stick. Open the canopy and find Elias and Hesh at the rear, stocking the weapons rack, or preparing to repel down the rope, which comes with an additional grappling hook accessory. Send Riley out ahead, geared in his canine vest to sniff out explosions and clear the path for a drop in with your Ghosts.

  • Buildable Ghosts Tactical Helicopter 25L x 22W x 13H inches with unique stowaway propellers
  • Four super-poseable micro figures including pilot, Riley, Hesh and Elias
  • Includes removable combat vest, flashlight, walkie-talkie, digging tools, and more!
  • 968 pieces
Pieces : 968
Figures : 4
Model Number : 06858
UPC : 065541068582
Age : 12+